New York State Now a Premier Craft Beer Destination

Oh Joy!  Oh Hops!  Oh Foamy frothy goodness!   I am not a beer person myself, but I do hear raves from locals in the Hudson Valley and Capital Region about Local Beer !

I’m not sure when it happened, or why it happened, but New York state has become a real destination for aficionados of Artisanal/ Craft Beers.  It seems that microbreweries abound.   Even the small town near me, Chatham, NY, has a “Must” go-to craft brewery, CHATHAM BREWING, that attracts many visitors to what is now an up-and-coming travel destination as part of the wider Hudson Valley tourism explosion.

Founder Tom Crowell and Jake Cunningham of the Chatham Brewery first opened their business in a small alleyway in the lovely town of Chatham, NY.   I remember walking past it and wondering what the large silver vat was in a back alley storage building.  They have certainly expanded!

To give you an idea of the kind of offerings out there, and for those that would drive many miles for a good beer, there is the NEW YORK STATE BEER TRAIL.   Just follow the map!    It looks like it could make for an exciting trip of several days – just remember to have at least one designated driver!

A stroll by the front of this Chatham landmark reveals both the main taproom area and to the right of that, another room containing  some of the vats.    The brewery has won several awards since its inception more than 10 years ago.    It is now a real Beer destination.    I am happy to report they have a food vendor and lovely outside seating area.  Menu includes a vegetarian and vegan option.

Is there a tour and description of the process?   I’ll find out!

For further information:

Additional company information can be found online at, on Facebook (, and on Twitter (@ChathamBrewing), and on Instagram (@ChathamBrewing).

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